Who am I

So who am I?

I am me! A single mom. I have 2 kids and I live at home. Yes at, 27 I backed my bags, left my husband, took my kids and moved back home!

So thats pretty much the basic stuff about who I am! But I am also so much more!

I am an Aries.
I am headstrong and stubborn.
I love the colour pink.
I eat too many sweets.
I go to gym.
I hate my job.
I am impulsive.
I love deeply.
I cry when I am happy, sad and angry.
I only buy matching sets of underwear.
I drive too fast.
I let my kids watch too much tv, eat viennas and have chocoalte for breakfast.
I love being single.
I am a free spirit.
I am intense.

And there is more but you going to have to read my blog to figure it all out!


5 responses to “Who am I

  1. Hi,

    I am a content manager for some websites in England and I read your blog with interest – it’s really the sort of style that I’d like to add to the dating site we’re working. I’ve added the link above. Look at it but please don’t think this is what it’s going to look like – It’s not very nice I know, but we’re in the process of redesigning it and having a blog on it as well, which is why you’ve got my interest.

    Far be it from me to want to highlight your struggles any more, but would you like to write some of your dating stories for the newly-launched site? I’d pay you of course. What do you think? This is a genuine request!

    E-mail me back or chat with me or whatever.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Gareth Crew
    Content Manager
    ASAP Ventures

  2. I am SO glad I found your blog (via the award you gave Jane)

  3. Hi Laura

    What an awesome site you have going here!!!

    I am itching to start the blog thing, but I cannot afford to have another vice with my addictive personality.

    So happy the kids are doing well!!

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  5. It kind of strange to read about whats going on in other folks lives, I never thought I would spend time reading about other folk.

    Keep on keeping on!


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